ATTENTION: For Those who Look For Financial Freedom By Managing Money On their Own...


Value Addition Guaranteed OR 100% Refund

Learn Without Knowledge Of Finance
For People Who Hate Charts / Maths / Economics / Accounts / Commerce...

Manage Money On Your Own

  • Control Your Funds: As per your customised needs
  • Choose Suitable: products beneficial for you
  • Manage Better: Than 99% Bankers / Agents / Advisors appointed by companies

Freedom From Conflict Of Interests

  •  No Compulsion: To Trust Agents acting as advisors
  • Freedom: From target based  investments pushed by Insurance / Banks / MFs
  • Freedom: From conflict of interest with Bankers / Agents / Advisors / Brokers

6 Hours Will Make The Difference

  • 2 Hours: on E-book + Video Book + Live Session
  • 4 Hours: Handholding Program sets the roadmap for financial independence
  • ​Total 6 Hours: Make you better than 99% Advisors / Bankers in India

Better Life With Many Benefits...

  • ​A Middle Class Family Will Add Extra 5 - 40 Lacs: in your assets in 5 to 20 years
  • Save 10 - 15 Years of Struggle: Stay ahead of your peers
What Planyourworld Is All About:
No One Takes Interest In You, Everything told to you about money by bankers / Agents / Advisors is more beneficial for them.

We Transform You: You Learn And Manage Your Money On Your Own Practically Better Than Bankers / Advisors / Agents...
Our Practical Training Programmes Are Covered By 100% Refund Policy
(If you feel it doesn't work)

Add Extra 5 - 40 Lacs In Your Wealth
Save Your 10 - 15 Years Of Extra Struggle

We Transform You: You Learn And Manage Your Money On Your Own Practically Better Than Bankers / Advisors...
Our Practical Trainings Are Covered By 100% Refund Policy
(If you feel it doesn't work)

Add Extra 5 - 40 Lacs In Your Wealth
Save Your 10 - 15 Years Of Extra Struggle

What Do We Do: Simplified The Secrets Of Financial Independence

  • We Train You: We make you adopt the mindset of wealthy people with specially designed programs, we hate jargons.
  • ​Correct Your Mistakes: Now It will not take more 10-15 years to correct your mistakes, we train you in your simple language.
  • You Will Be Better Than Banker: You will never need to depend on any other financial advisor in life again.
  • Life Time Mentoring: We provide you life time support to keep  you always updated
  • ​Discover All Trade Secrets: Learn the secrets which were hidden for years equal to your age
8100+ Families Liked E-Book In Last 3 Months...
Create Life Long Sufficient Pension
Like 1% Rich In 1-5 Years With Limited Savings before leaving Job.
By Managing Money On Your Own...
WHAT'S INSIDE MY E-BOOK: blueprint for unlimited wealth (You really can't miss this one...)

What Do We Have: Financial Secrets You Can't Miss...

Secret #1: How To Replace Salary With Sufficient Pension
A package for people looking for proper income after leaving job. This has been created with one commitment only.
To create sufficient pension in any manner (ethical). You cant start with this to pick your plan for sufficient pension.
Secret #2: Handholding To Life-Long Pension Like Rich
Result oriented Mentoring programme for individuals who want to implement the secrets mentioned in the E-Book and Video. It's for people focused for sufficient pension at earliest. In this you can implement strategies in 30 days.
Secret #3: 
Financial Planning Like Pro
Financial Planning based mentoring programme for people looking to learn the practical implementation of strategies, used in financial planning by seasoned financial planners. It is for people who have interest in going deep.
No One Takes Interest In Your Life. Everything told to you about money by bankers/Agents/Advisors is more beneficial for them.
Reasons! Why You Need To Learn And Manage Finance On Your Own...

Name One Financial Advisor In Your Life Who Is Competent And Interested In Your Life...

Do You Have Competent Financial Advisor?
  • Competent Financial Advisors are available to rich people only
  • Middle Class has Bankers / Agents from Insurance, Mutual Funds, Post office
  • Advice or product: Do you consider his advice for product or for problems in your life?
To Whom Your Advisor Is Loyal?
  • Appointment: Who has appointed your advisor? You or the company
  • Payment: Who makes the payment directly, you or the product company?
  • Service or Solution: Are you getting service or solution of your problems in your situation?
Who Is Available For Next 30 - 40 Yrs?
  • 30 - 40 Yrs: For next so many years competent should be interested to work with you?
  • Always Available: who is always available to take care of your finance as per your changing situations?
  • No 1 Priority: Are you in top priority of advisor?
Are You Willing To Sacrifice 40 Lacs Plus?
  • Compromise: Are you ready to compromise your life because of wrong practices of agents / bankers?
  • Ready to loose: 40 lacs plus for not managing your money on your own?
  • Ready to Work Extra: 15 years for agents / bankers?
8100 Families Liked The E-Book In 3 Months
How To Replace Salary With Sufficient Pension
Do you need pension? NO!
You Need Sufficient Pension Life-Long!
  •  Create Sufficient Pension in your condition With or Without Job / With or Without Savings
  • ​Learn: To protect your family with regular monthly income life long, even without job.
  • Learn: How to use your limited savings for sufficient pension for 30 - 40 years after leaving job?
  • Learn: How to create sufficient income with 55% less investment than the budget given by banks/advisors.
  • Learn: Why 90% families may fail after leaving job around age 50?
  • Compare: All options for pension in India like, pension plans, mutual funds, insurance, property…
  • Choose: The best strategy that can give you life-long pension in your situation
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Subscribe To My List Below And Get FREE Pension Calculator I Use...
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Experience Of Serving 11000+ Families
What People Are Saying:
Great analytical solution related to wealth creation for development financial freedom path.
Viplav Sir has very great concept n clear mindset. He has ability to deliver best to achieve goal from n individual.
I heard about Planyourworld on Facebook and joined it. I want to achieve the financial freedom asap with the help of his team.
Learning new thing, by joining the session.
Bharpur Singh
(Project Manager Infosys)
Session of Mr. Viplav Mazumdar bare highly effective and inspiring.
I am not sure such practical knowledge of business and entrepreneurship is provided even in IIMs and other top ranked MBA institutes. I wish Planyoyrworld a great success.
Viplav Majumdar (Founder)

Creator of Pension System -
"4 Hour Income Plan For Life"
Mentored 11000+ Families
Trained 200+ Certified Financial Planners
Management Consultant

My Personal Mission


Why I Am Passionate For My Mission

# After helping thousands of families in planning their pension, I found that creating sufficient pension is one of the toughest part in the life of middle class families.
# 90% of middle class may fail after leaving job, just because of low level of financial awareness among people.
# Every family has sufficient resources if they use it efficiently. If they become financially aware on their own, they will never have to compromise.
Our Advisors
Satyam Tulsyan

Management Professional

Mr. Satyam is a Territory Client Partner, for Local govt, public sector agencies and Emergency Services organizations, at NTT. He is responsible for Market Development & Strategic Growth Initiatives across the state of Victoria (Australia).
Having worked with leading global technology companies in India, South Africa and Australia, he has over 20 years of rich experience in Technology Consulting and Outsourcing services in various areas including Digital Transformation, Strategy, Business Development, Account Management, Sales, Alliance, Ecosystem and General Management across sectors including Retail & Distribution, Financial Services, Telecom, Media & Entertainment, Mining, Manufacturing and Public.
In collaboration with the ecosystem partners and clients, Satyam has led pursuits to acquire new customers, establish new geographies and drive multiple initiatives to assist clients in their Business and Technology transformation journey.
Satyam is a Post-graduate in business management from BIT Mesra and has volunteer association with Australia Red Cross and a Charitable Hospital in his hometown.
Satyam is passionate about creating long term relationships that is based on trust and merit. He enjoys trekking and listening to Sufi music in his personal time.

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