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Planyourworld Training Academy Private Limited

About Us

Founder's Message For You

Viplav Majumdar

Founder Of

Financial Planner & Alternate Income Mentor
Creator of Pension System –
“4 Hour Income Plan For Life”
Mentored 11000+ Families
Trained 200+ Certified Financial Planners
Management & Business Consultant

Why I Started

Because Of YOU

As a student of financial planning I have been learning since 2006. Since then I observed

That the maximum benefit any financial planner can give to any customer is the middle class

We are able to add a few ZEROS in the net worth of wealthy.

When it comes to middle class it’s the value addition of life.

A student can get better education, better settlement and retirement with DIGNITY.

But the irony is, everyone is interested in his own growth so most of the actually skilled financial planners are available for wealthy only (including me).

Then I saw that most of the families from middle class considered agents and bankers as financial advisors

Without considering that they make money by selling their product without even understanding YOU or YOUR NEED.

Ashok from Surat used to save 15 lacs yearly for 20 years, yet he couldn’t be called wealthy at 60, why?

Most of the families from middle class loose more than Rs. 40 lacs just because of unawareness of handling money.

So I started PLANYOURWORLD to make the families use the SECRETS of finance and investment.

Your Friend
Viplav Majumdar

Our Mission

“To empower millions of people by making them create adequate income for non-working years with practical training that works”

Our Advisors

Satyam Tulsyan

Management Professional

Mr. Satyam is a Territory Client Partner, for Local govt, public sector agencies and Emergency Services organizations, at NTT. He is responsible for Market Development & Strategic Growth Initiatives across the state of Victoria (Australia).
Having worked with leading global technology companies in India, South Africa and Australia, he has over 20 years of rich experience in Technology Consulting and Outsourcing services in various areas including Digital Transformation, Strategy, Business Development, Account Management, Sales, Alliance, Ecosystem and General Management across sectors including Retail & Distribution, Financial Services, Telecom, Media & Entertainment, Mining, Manufacturing and Public.
In collaboration with the ecosystem partners and clients, Satyam has led pursuits to acquire new customers, establish new geographies and drive multiple initiatives to assist clients in their Business and Technology transformation journey.
Satyam is a Post-graduate in business management from BIT Mesra and has volunteer association with Australia Red Cross and a Charitable Hospital in his hometown.
Satyam is passionate about creating long term relationships that is based on trust and merit. He enjoys trekking and listening to Sufi music in his personal time.