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Learn: How To Make Profitable Business With Financial Planning

You Can’t Stop Client’s From Getting Awareness In The World Of Social Media, You Can Upgrade Yourself To Add Value To Client’s Life & Command High Income.

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Viplav Majumdar

Founder Of Planyourworld.com

Financial Planner & Alternate Income Mentor
Creator of Pension System – “4 Hour Income Plan For Life” Mentored 11000+ Families
Trained 200+ Certified Financial Planners
Management & Business Consultant

Message From Viplav

Dear aspirant advisors,

I started my journey to become a Financial Planner in the year 2006, I know your pain.

I searched with hundreds of people to get the right answers to become a good financial planner.

The planner whom client’s like to pay, the planner for whom clients ask for appointment.

It took years for me to become a financial planner.

After establishing the CFP training platform of NJ Gurukul the training arm of NJ INDIA INVEST, it took three months to get my first client.

In six months I got 36 clients from middle class.
In my previous assignment I got 1200 middle class families in 5 years and AUM of 6 Crores. In the year 2010, I got 28 crores of AUM from 36 middle class families.


I will cover this in my webinar.

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Sunday 14th August 2022, 12 pm (IST)

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  1. Advisor & Seller
  2. Understanding Clients
  3. Accepting role of an Advisor
  4. Get ready to add value
  5. Choose the topic or domain or sector
  6. Say “No” to me too!
  7. Clients must fell that I need you

8. Process of need based sales
9. Domain wise challenges for clients
10. Domain wise opportunities
11. Basics to advanced financial advisory
12. Commanding Business/ Fees/ Commissions
13. Regulatory

About Mentor

Viplav Majumdar is the creator of one of the fastest income creation method in the world – The 4-Hour Income Plan For Life, that helps people create income in 1 month to 5 years. He is also the creator of Master differentiator formulae to differentiate good and bad investment for you, before investing.

Over the past 15 years Viplav has personally trained more than 200 Certified Financial Planners from different cities of India. He has mentored more than 7000 families in creating their alternate income to lead life with dignity.

Viplav is one of the pioneers in the field of financial planning, he believes in value addition. He worked with families from India and abroad.

He has authored some books on creating result oriented financial strategies. Viplav believes that middle class has been saving and investing very diligently without knowing the impact of their financial decisions. He developed the system of creating income with idea to make people financially free.

LinkedIn Profile - https://www.linkedin.com/in/viplav-majumdar-cfp-55168010/