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Ensure You Are Not Burning
While Investing

90% People Save Wisely - But Actually Make Loss On Investments

Check Your Investments And Retirement - Wealth Planning

What will you learn?

Identify Your Bad Investments That Will Actually Give Less Amount Than Your Deposit

With Tools - Check Maturity Of All Investments In Insurance, Pension, Mutual Funds, NPS, PPF, PF..

Yearly Hidden Charges On Your Investments

Check How Much You Are Paying In Hidden Charges Yearly That Reduce Maturity By 50%.

How To Add Minimum Rs. 30 Lacs To 1 Crore On Maturity

How To Save Hidden Charges And Ways To Get 1.5 Times Higher Maturity Without Risk.

Guaranteed Process To Create Wealth - Retirement Fund

Disciplined Approach To Your Financial Independence In 5-7 Years.

How To Create 5 Passive Sources Of Lifelong Pension

Ways To Create Alternate Sources Of Monthly Income From Investments In Tough Job Market.


11th June, 2023

10:30AM IST

Why to check your investments immediately?

You Save Wisely To Fund All Responsibilities From Maturity Value Of Investments

Responsibilities Settlement Of Child, Marriage Of Daughter And Son, Funding Life After Retirement...

Result Of Hidden Charges - 50% Less In Your Maturity Amount

If You Get 50 Lacs From Investments, Actually You Should Have Got 1 Crore.

90% People Invest On Free Advice From Advisors / Banks

No Free Lunch! You Are Paying Hidden Charges Regularly On Your Investments

No Proper Planning To Pay For All Responsibilities - In Nearly Absence Of Financial Planners

Proper Planning Is Mandatory When Your Savings Are The Only Resource To Fund Your Goals.

Our Mentor

Since 2004 in financial industry and as Certified Financial Planner since 2008 I have observed, for middle class families - savings are the only resource to pay for all the responsibilities and create wealth. They save wisely but take advice from agents or banks. Ultimately compromise children's higher education and quality of life in retirement years. Taking control of their finance is the only way to achievement. At Planyourworld one can be one's advisor without learning a single formula.

Viplav Majumdar

Founder Planyourworld Training Academy Pvt. Ltd.

Additional Bonus!


How To Replace Your Salary With Alternate Pension.

Video 1

1. How To Buy Term Plan So Your Family Don't Face Challenges For Claim (if required)
2. Understanding Passive Income Options In India

Video 2

Understanding Passive Income Options In India

3 Exclusive Tools

Tools specially designed to help you differentiate your good and bad investments, plan your financial goals and create lifelong sufficient pension.

Our Testimonials

I heard about Planyourworld on Facebook and joined it. I want to achieve the financial freedom asap with the help of his team. Learning new thing, by joining the session.
Bharpur Singh
Project Manager at Infosys
I wish I could get this 20 years back, it gave me the real solution to my problem. My son has also taken this programme.
S Shukla
Self Employed
First time I heard about this, I couldn’t believe but at last I had to give them a chance. For me it was a slow start but I am 80% on my way. I trust Viplav, he is really genius.
Praveen S Kumar
National Head Hardware Industry
I didn’t know the concepts used by them, I have created my pension at 43 age. Thanks to them.
Vishwajeet Sinha
Self Employed
Great analytical solution related to wealth creation for development financial freedom path. Viplav Sir has a very great concept & clear mindset. He has the ability to deliver the best to achieve goal for an individual.
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