"Create Life Long Pension In 5 Years In Less Savings Without Sacrificing Child's Future"

Course: Self Financial Planner In 4 Hours

Plan & Implement Achievement Strategy In 7 Days - Before Next Investment

Benefits Of Learning Without A Single Formula

Result Oriented Mentoring System - Developed By Seasoned Financial Planning Coach Viplav Majumdar CFP And Other Professionals To ensure Financial Freedom For Everyone.

Your Mentors Are With You Forever, In Every Situation - Having Advisors Of This Level
Costs Yearly Rs. 50000+

Recognised By Startup India by Government of India

Create And Implement strategy based on your savings, career, health

Why Only You Can Ensure Your Success As Self Financial Planner - Insurance / Mutual Fund / Investment Advisors / CAs Can Not

Only You Can Think Of Planning Success - Others Plan Just For Their Commissions

4 Hour Learning Will Create Sufficient Income For Age 55 - 90 In Next 5 Years - Which Looks Impossible Otherwise

With Learning - You Will Create Your Own Strategy For Settlement Of Son, Daughter, Closing Loans, Income Tax… - Within Your Savings

Don't Burn Your Investments, Learn To Plan Your Own Strategy In 4 Hours - Investment As Per New Plan

As your own financial planner you save from agents, brokers, advisors and banks in these 3 manners

What Will You Do In Next 7 Days?

1) Learn the parameters for Right Financial Decisions based on your Goals, Savings and Time to Retirement and Other Responsibilities
2) Identify the right investment for your Goals, Savings and Time to Retirement
3) Plan For Emergency
4) Protect Risk For Family
5) Way out for wrong investments and loans
6) Right investment plan for children
7) Investment Plan to ensure your life long income in 5 years
8) Tax Planning for this year
9) Manage Direct plans of Mutual Funds

How It Works...

What Do You Exactly Get?

Continued Support (1st year included)

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Programme Price -Rs. 14,999/- only Including GST
(1 Year Continued Support Rs. 2,499)

Our reviews

What Some Of Our Participants Say About Us

I heard about Planyourworld on Facebook and joined it. I want to achieve the financial freedom asap with the help of his team. Learning new thing, by joining the session.
Bharpur Singh
Project Manager at Infosys
I wish I could get this 20 years back, it gave me the real solution to my problem. My son has also taken this programme.
S Shukla
Self Employed
First time I heard about this, I couldn’t believe but at last I had to give them a chance. For me it was a slow start but I am 80% on my way. I trust Viplav, he is really genius.
Praveen S Kumar
National Head Hardware Industry
I didn’t know the concepts used by them, I have created my pension at 43 age. Thanks to them.
Vishwajeet Sinha
Self Employed
Great analytical solution related to wealth creation for development financial freedom path. Viplav Sir has a very great concept & clear mindset. He has the ability to deliver the best to achieve goal for an individual.

Manage No Commission Plans of Mutual Funds Without Reducing 30% Maturity Value

Just identification of mutual fund scheme costs you 30% less maturity value. You will be able to manage your schemes on your own with highly efficient and customised strategies. You will know when to redeem, how to manage schemes with volatility of market. You will make high post tax returns.

Settle Your Kids Without Compromising Your Retirement

90% families feel that they need to pay for children’s education and they don’t have funds for their respectable retirement. This system helps you create your life long pension with fulfilling all the other responsibilities

Freedom From Sharing Your Data and Pay Fees Rs. 30000 to 100000 Yearly To Advisors Or Financial Planners

No need to share your confidential details with anyone. And you don’t need to pay high fees to highly paid different advisors and planners, year on year.

Protect Family With Proper Death Cover - Also Ensure That Family Doesn't Suffer At Making Claim (If Required)

For how many years your family can survive financially without you? Plan your proper risk cover. Buy insurance plan carefully with covering all the formalities, so family doesn’t face challenges on claim (if required).

Reduce Your Tax Liablity Now And In Future By Planning Your Taxes

You work 3 hours every day to pay taxes. Government of India gives you different provisions to plan your Tax. You will lower your tax laibility with proper tax planning.

Your Children Don't Have Pension Too - Ensure Transfer Of Your Pension To Your Next Generation

Becoming financial planner of your own helps your children too. Next generation also doesn’t have pension, your pension can be the platform for your children to achieve dreams in their life.

Here's What Our Clients Have To Say About Us...

Mr. Viju Ver

I joined plan your world. I must say, I am so lucky to join this group. Mr Viplav’s way of making us understand things about financial planning was so simple that a normal person with a little knowledge about finance or accounts could easily understand and after attending this session I was able to identify where was I making mistakes with my investments. And one of the good things about Mr Viplav was that he was always able to answer all the queries & explain things. So, thank you Mr Viplav, Mr Rakesh Singh, Ms Shweta and especially, Ms Nidhi with whom I had the most interactions. Thank you for answering my queries and responding positively.

Mr. Ushnish Chattopadhyay

Talking about Mr Viplav Majumdar, I have joined him only 3 weeks now and I already feel so much enlightened for the insights that I gained for him in such a short period of time that I didn’t gain in the last 15 years even though I have been in this corporate world for so long. Having walked in companies of recurring, procurement & sells function. Having close relations with so many qulified CA’s in my life with all due respect to them, I have never seen such clarity of financial thoughts and depth of knowledge in this line. If I have to pick 3 things about Mr viplav, then the 1st will be his tremendous knowledge and insights about the financial system of the country that are available to general people. The 2nd will be his attitude towards his students. Well, I consider myself as his student anytime. When there are different kinds of people in a group and you cannot control their behaviour, some of them are too anxious, some are enthusiastic & some are asking questions continuously but Mr viplav never failed to maintain his composer and always answer the queries gently, his responsiveness is very high and 3rd thing that always attracted or surprised me is the sincerity with which he has structured his course. I mean, the name itself is so beautiful that “plan your world”.

Mr. Tanay Saha

Hi, I am Tanay from West Bangal, Working as a senior manager. Recently i joined planyourworld for my future finance planning. This is a very good organization for finance planning based on individual needs. If you want to secure your future you can thing to joining this organization without any second thought. Mr. Majumdar Director of this organization they very knowledgeable and helpful too. He gives personal attention to each member. I wish a very successful future to this organization.

About Mentor​

Viplav Majumdar is the creator of one of the fastest income creation method in the world – The 4-Hour Income Plan For Life, that helps people create income in 1 month to 5 years. He is also the creator of Master differentiator formulae to differentiate good and bad investment for you, before investing.

Over the past 15 years Viplav has personally trained more than 200 Certified Financial Planners from different cities of India. He has mentored more than 7000 families in creating their alternate income to lead life with dignity.

Viplav is one of the pioneers in the field of financial planning, he believes in value addition, he started practicing as financial planner with the policy ‘No Value Addition 100% Refund’. He worked with families from India and abroad.

He has authored some books on creating result oriented financial strategies. Viplav believes that middle class has been saving and investing very diligently without knowing the impact of their financial decisions. He developed the system of creating income with idea to make people financially free.

Viplav Majumdar

Life & Financial Mentor, Founder of Planyourworld