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  • 1.5 % Extra Return on SIP Every Year
  • Add Agent Commission in Your SIP
  • 30% Extra Maturity value on SIP of Direct Mutual Fund

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  •  Better College for Kid
  •  Early Retirement
  •  Better Life Style

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SIP Calculator :-

There are two ways of investing in mutual funds one is Lump sum & the other is through SIPs i.e. (Systematic Investment Plans). Out of these two options, SIP is considered as the best option to invest into mutual funds as it makes your investments work in a disciplined manner. If you are investing through SIPs a specific amount will be deducted from your account at a specific time interval to invest in a fund. SIP provides the option of investing with different frequencies (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly etc). Investors can avail the frequency mode what suits their requirements.

The major benefit of investing through SIP in mutual funds is that you can start your investment with smaller amounts and this reduces the burden of investing a big amount altogether.

Investment through SIP can be considered powerful, as SIP works on the Power of Compounding concept which in simple words, can be defined as the creation of a huge amount through smaller investments overtime.

SIP Calculator is a tool which helps you depict two types of figures from your investments. The first figure shows the value of SIP (regular amount of investment) to build a required corpus after a specific term (no. of years) & the second figure shows the future value of your invested money by taking into account the amount of SIP for a specified time period and with the expected rate of interest.