Child Education Planning

Child Education Planning

Child Education Planning

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Child Education Planning

Your parents did their best for the foundation of your career. You also want to give the best to your children. No one wants to compromise with the education or career of one’s child. But the limit comes in the nature of affordability.

Parents generally say whatever the kid wants to do, we shall provide but unfortunately the budget constraints or limited growth and availability of funds gives the list of lower grade institutes. To ensure good career of your kids by making the funds available you need to plan the education of your kids. Child Planning

Know your Kid

It’s important to ensure the future of kids. In the long years of growth kids get attracted towards many different careers and professions. You need to know the interests of your kid.

 There is a big difference between attraction and suitability. As parent you have the wonderful opportunity to become the best mentor for your kids, if you don’t lose the opportunity. You should know the strength and weakness of the character or nature of your kid. If you know your kid’s passion you would be able to counsel in a better manner.

Our time investment in early years is the best investment in inculcating values in your child. You should know personality of your child because success in career depends on the personality traits largely. If a child is passionate for fine arts only, how can he or she become a good space scientist?

Be updated with job market and courses

With the changing preferences you should identify some career options for your kid. One thing should be accepted by all that every Indian family should not expect the Einstein in their home only.

For a better career of your child you generally invest your hard earned money in the professional course for 3 to 5 years or more. Should you not check the potential of the job market of the profession or Degree you are selecting? There are number of factors in the job market

Factors affecting job market

◿ Number of students pursuing the program on local and national basis
◿ Life of Technology for which the program has been designed
◿ The salary package at present and the expected growth in coming years
◿ Best colleges for the program and their placement ratio
◿ New career options entering in the market place
These few factors should be considered carefully before deciding the program for your child. Remember TIME LOSS is the biggest loss in one’s life.

Be open – Let the kid chose career.

When we talk about the future of children, many people think that how can they determine the career of their child? The thinking is perfect but unfortunately there are people who declare the career of their kid even at the time of birth of the child, “My son will become DOCTOR / ENGINEER “. If you are reader of this type, you should watch the movie 3 idiots.

You should advise your kid only after analyzing his / her passion and the career in which his / her personality can grow exponentially. Any person can achieve the respectable height in career if it is of interest of the person. If you like interacting with people you can be the best Radio Jockey or the best PRO of your company.

Everyone has the instinct to walk on own feet, everyone has the self respect and everyone wants to grow in life. Your kid will perform if given proper opportunity with achievement oriented environment. Do become the supporter and mentor of your kid. Let them live their passion in a disciplined manner.

Invest for Child Education

Child education is a distant goal which can be achieved by discipline. A middle class family which is getting big salaries today should know that working years are less now and the amount we Indians are getting not for consumerism because unlike past you will be responsible for your Retired life not the Government. So Child Education is not the only goal you have, which means the goals can be achieved by regular investments with discipline only.

Best Child Education Plans – Child Plan

Everyone is working for the growth of one’s purchasing power in society. Most of the people don’t know that they invest for the companies or the agents only. The best investment is in the product which gives you scope to generate some extra returns after paying Income Tax and adjusting inflation.

Return Income Tax Post Tax return Inflation Inflation Adusted Post Tax Return Real Time Table
9% 10.30% 8.07% 8% 0.07% 0.068%
20.60% 7.15% -0.85% -0.791%
30.90% 6.22% -1.78% -1.649%

Some plans available in the market place
Child Insurance Policy / Plans by Insurers
◿ LIC – Life Insurance Corporation of India

◿ ICICI prudential Life Insurance

◿ HDFC Life Insurance

◿ Birla Sun Life Insurance

◿ Reliance Life Insurance

◿ SBI Life Insurance

◿ Kotak Life Insurance

Child Plans by Mutual Funds

◿ Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund

◿ HDFC Mutual Fund

◿ UTI Mutual Fund

◿ SBI Mutual Fund

Fixed Deposits for Child Education



Education loan by Bank

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