Immediate Pension Plans

Immediate Pension Plans by Insurers

Immediate Pension Plans by Insurers

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Immediate Pension Plans by Insurers

At present there are a few insurers which give immediate pension plans, which give you a fixed pension from next month. From these plans you can start getting pension immediately.
◿ LIC-Life Insurance Corporation of India.
◿ICICI Prudential Life Insurance.
◿ HDFC Life Insurance.
◿ Birla Sun Life Insurance.
◿ SBI Life Insurance.

What are the benefits of these plans?

These plans give you different types of Pension. The amount of monthly pension depends on the type of pension you chose.

These pension plans are beneficial for the individuals who need to get pension from insurers only. The pension is credited to your account directly and if you opt for life long pension, you get a fixed amount every month for expenses.

Is there any Tax benefit?

No! The pension you get is fully taxable in the hands of individuals, and you need to pay Tax as per your income Tax slab.

What are the returns?

These yield you less but give you peace of mind by ensuring your monthly pension. These give you lower return than the prevailing rates of other instruments in the market.

Generally the pension comprises of Principal + Interest. At the end of period the corpus will be zero.

If you buy pension with return of purchase price the pension will be very less. These plans don’t ensure your life style as the fixed pension is not able to take care of your ever growing cost of living.

Which results in the shifting of home from big to smaller towns, from better life style to lower standards?

Years Your expreses in Rs. Inflation Pension from insurer Your Surplus
This year 15000 8% 20000 5000
This 5 years 22039 8% 20000 2039
This 10 years 32384 8% 20000 12384
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