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Monthly Income Scheme – MIS by Post Office for Income

Monthly Income Scheme – MIS by Post Office for Income

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Plan Adequate Monthly Income For Retirement
Increasing Yearly with Rise Expenses
Monthly Expense today 40000 = 1.54 lacs in 20 Years

Monthly Income Scheme – MIS by Post Office for Income

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"Monthly Income Scheme – MIS by Post Office for Income"

Post Office Monthly Income Scheme is a kind of post office scheme that provides guaranteed returns on your investment. Anyone who wants to generate a monthly income for them can open this account. However this post office scheme does not come under the purview of 80 C deductions. One can deposit money in this scheme using cheque, cash or DD.

On the opening of the account the holder is issued a passbook along with the certificate that will record all the transactions relating to this scheme. The maturity term of this scheme is 6 years and the investor also gets a 5% bonus along with the maturity value on the completion of the term. There are certain limits associated with his account on the amount of investment, a single account can have investment up to 4.5 lacs and for joint holding the limit increases to 9 lacs overall.


This scheme provides the benefit of nomination and the nomination under this scheme is done at the time of opening of scheme. The nomination if not done at the time of opening, can also be done later without any restriction.

Interest Earned on this scheme

The amount can be withdrawn directly from the account. However, one can also get the interest amount in their savings bank account, for that one has to provide the ECS information at the time of opening of account. This will result in crediting the amount of interest earned in your saving account.

Premature withdrawals

One can take the amount form their POMIS account before maturity but such a thing will attract the penalty as follows:
  • Withdrawal after one year but before three years: 2% of the deposit
  • Withdrawal after three years: 1% of the deposit

Other Features of the Product

  • Non Resident Indian and HUF cannot open POMIS account.
  • The account can be transferred between various post offices in India free of cost.
  • The amount deposited in this account is exempted from the Wealth tax.

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